Skywatching for hawks

I know it’s a Raven, but it’s the best bird pic I got today during a couple hours spent at the Montclair Hawkwatch. The hawkwatch site is NJ Audubon’s smallest sanctuary and the second oldest continuous- running hawkwatch in the country, second only to Hawk Mountain in Pa.

Finding hawks at a ridge site, as opposed to a coastal watch like Sandy Hook or Cape May, is really difficult and requires a lot of patience and much better eyesight than I have. We were looking at speck birds for most of the day! I did get to see a few kettles of Broadwings way up in the clouds (yesterday they counted 4437 Broadwings), some Osprey and Sharpies, a couple Kestrals and had a nice look at a Peregrine.

We had to be glad for all those clouds in the sky cause they gave us landmarks to help locate the birds soaring high above. A fun day, but I prefer coastal hawkwatching that doesn’t require quite as much imagination!

I met this guy there who has some fantastic hawk pics on his Flickr site.

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16 thoughts on “Skywatching for hawks”

  1. This is the second skywatch today where there were Hawks pictured. Is this a special time of year for that? Yesterday I was at the beach where there is a special deck for Hawk viewing and though I have passed this many times before (and it was always empty), yesterday there were about 10 people with cameras and binoculars looking up to the sky and we saw a Hawk fly right above us.

  2. There’s just no getting you shoreline people away from the sea, is there? Glad you had a sort of nice time anyway.

    I’m going to a hawkwatch today. If I don’t get some good shots, I will put the camera down and switch to binocs and just enjoy the show.

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