Pie fixes everything

Remember doing this as a kid?

Can you imagine me pouting when the whipped-cream covered beaters went to the two youngest relatives gathered around the table and I wasn’t one of them?


There was also some pouting involved with having to sit with the grown-ups afterwards drinking coffee and discussing important issues (arguing over politics), instead of curling up on the floor in front of a movie.


The pie made up for it, almost.

8 thoughts on “Pie fixes everything”

  1. The pie is the end reward for putting up with your family all day. HA, kidding, sort of…….

    I had two pieces of pecan before bed last night and it’s still sitting in my stomach. It was so good though. And yes, I did have whipped cream on top of it.

  2. Politics at the Thanksgiving table? Ought not to be allowed. Your post brought back memories of my first time at the “grownup” table. What a disappointment! Life is so much better at the “kid’s” table.

  3. The highlight of my Thanksgiving was watching my dad nod off in the middle of a lecture from my older brother on the perils of Keynesian economics. Just about the time he was done, Dad snapped awake and started arguing for a cultural basis of economics. It was classic.

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