Boomer camouflaged

Click for full bunny cuteness!

BTW Lynne, he’s about one and a half times the length of a loaf of bread… so a bit bigger than a breadbox, I guess. I found this pic online with a dog for comparison and this one! that could be Boomer’s less handsome twin.


A BIG bunny who loves to spend the late mornings stretched out in a sunbeam. He and his bondmate Sunshine aren’t ever caged (there is no cage big enough for two Flemmies to live together) and so instead they have run of the sunporch.

They have their favorite napping and loafing spots depending on time and season. In the cold and dark of winter, they prefer a sunny spot with something warm beneath them. In the summer, they most often hang out in a dark cardboard box, with their bellies stretched out on the cool tile.

If I’m in the room and they’re awake, they’re underfoot, dancing and binkying and begging for food like puppies, threatening to trip me at every step.

Very sweet!

7 thoughts on “Boomer camouflaged”

  1. My husband just walked in to my study and wanted to know why I was staring so intently at the screen. I had not realized I was so focused on trying to identify the bunny parts. Lovely mass of bunny.

  2. We really do have a new puppy underfoot at the house, but we also still have my son’s bunny, even though he moved into a house where they allow tenants to have pets. Funny how that’s worked out.

  3. I joke about the bunnies, but as kids my two younger sisters had several rabbits – along with an assortment of guinea pigs. They were not, however, anywhere near this big! Nor were they, apparently, as tame as yours. Living in a household containing two cats, a dog, birds, and two aquariums, however, I wouldn’t bet on a bunny of any size lasting for very long around here…

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