11 thoughts on “Big red tractor”

  1. Don’t be telling BL that. She is a John Deere person all the way! (I happen to agree with YOU!) As a little, little kid across the street was a field and the farmer used a Farmall. That was it for me!

  2. Loved the photograph but as Rabbit Guy said, the John Deere people might disagree. And the southerners might disagree about the green tomatoes that we love to fry up with cornmeal.

  3. Rabbit’s Guy: I’ve no tractor experience, but think the red is prettier with a field of sunflowers behind it!

    : )

    NCMountainWoman: Just tryin’ to get everyone’s goat!

    ; )

  4. My son-in-law in MN sells all kinds of International Harvester RED farm equipment and grew up on a farm with same. Green is a dirty word at their house. :o)

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