The sunflower farm

Boy… time sure does fly when you’re not paying attention!

I was about to tell you about our visit to The Sunflower Farm, but then, poof! and 3 weeks had gotten away from me.

There’s an actual festival here each summer, but I’ve yet to brave the heat and the crowds to attend. As it is, no matter how mild you think a particular day is, once you’re out in the middle of that ten acre field, it’s hotter than blazes!

The farm itself is beautiful and is a picture-maker’s delight. I first heard about the place because so many photo groups visit it. I go to pick flowers, tho.

I’m not sure there’s anything more cheerful than a field of sunflowers, except maybe for the bees and birds that visit it.

: )

I wondered aloud to the farmer if they sell the leavings for birdseed.

Nope, but they sometimes hunt the doves that are drawn to the seeds in the fall. That’s okay, too.

There’s plenty to photograph, here. Red (and green) tractors, old farm tools and a beautiful hummingbird garden. There’s even an enchanted forest nestled on the back of the property. And if you want directions to the little local place that sells the best homemade strawberry-cream cheese fried pies, just ask!

Plus, you get to keep as many sunflowers as you can carry away for $15.

: )

That makes for many old mason jar bouquets.

11 thoughts on “The sunflower farm”

  1. Hunting doves is o.k.??? I know, I know, we as birders are supposed to find a place in which to co-exist with hunters. but…but…but….cute mewling doves?

    Anyway, that last photo, the black-and-white with color sunflowers, is wonderful.

  2. Ack, sorry! It’s in Rutledge, GA.

    There’s a link to the farm’s website at the top; according to it the cut-your-own season is over…

    : (

    Maybe bookmark for next year?

  3. By the title of the page,”Somewhere in NJ”, I thought the farm was located in New Jersey. Why would I think that? Oh well.

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