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So I’m feeling pretty guilty about not having appeared here for months (!) after being so gung-ho about blogging regularly again. After a bit of reflection, I realize that I was mostly enthusiastic about others blogging regularly again.


I’ve been busy with the new job, of course, and busy sitting on my butt in the air-conditioning. This knee thing has really thrown me for a loop and I’m just now getting to feel better after a month of physical therapy. Why that dopey doctor I went to didn’t recommend it for me, I don’t know. I’m just glad I decided to be proactive after suffering for 3 months with barely any progress and so grateful to have good health insurance to pay for it. It’s really made all the difference in my ability to function like a regular person again. We’ve planned a camping trip this weekend and I’m looking forward to hopefully being able to hike without pain.

Other than work and physical therapy, I haven’t done much so far this summer other than try to avoid the heat. I still don’t know how people stand it here – I’ve got major cabin-fever! We’re sharing season tickets for the Braves and have been going to a couple of evening games each month. We’re discovering new favorite places to have breakfast on the weekends. We’re eating ice cream more often than is probably healthy. My brother and his family came to visit for a couple days at the beginning of July – it was super great to see them and to show off some of the fun things we do here in the A. I’ve been reunited with my dog Luka from that other life and just last week said goodbye to the senior shelter dog, Sadie, that we adopted only four years ago.

I bought myself a new camera lens – a super wide angle – and look forward to playing with that in the future. J and I went out the weekend that I bought it to take some photos of the tall buildings in midtown Atlanta, but ended up at the High Museum of Art as a way to escape the heat and enjoy some free air conditioning. I’m not much of an art museum type, but I enjoy the High and it’s folk and modern art. The photo that accompanies this post was taken there.

I plan to be back here in a couple days to share some memories of Sadie – once we’re back from camping in the mountains where hopefully it’ll be cool!

6 thoughts on “Just checking in”

  1. Laura–no apologies needed re. blogging. We blog for whatever reasons…and we NEED readers. So whichever you do–write/ read OR both–we are happy to have you check in from time to time.
    I must say–what knee thing? I obviously missed something. I ask with great concern-as I have TWO bad knees. One has had a replacement (still not entirely “right”, though) and the other hurts most of the time.
    So glad you have Luka. And I was so sorry to read of Sadie’s death.
    By the way, WHAT is your new job?

  2. I so love you, my friend… “I was mostly enthusiastic about others blogging regularly again.” I laughed when I read that line. Your presence is felt, whether you offer up words or not. I’m so sorry to hear about that darn knee, and hope it is on the mend for good. Yes, the heat has been… well, I’m out of adjectives too. Ready for the fall and breathing sanity. Miss you and J, and hope we all can meet up again soon. XO

  3. Good to see a post here and glad to know that physical therapy has helped with your knee. Sure hope the weather cools down and your camping trip is a total delight! Have a grand time.

  4. We are complaining about the summer heat in my part of Canada this year but I know you are experiencing hotter temperatures. Nice to hear that you are reunited with Luka. Good luck with the PT 🙂

  5. Cool photo! Camping in the mountains is right up my alley. I love to read about all things camping so I’ll be looking forward to that blog post!

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