Another look

A toad’s facial expression doesn’t seem to change much from moment to moment.


Easy for me to say, right? I’m not about to become its next meal.

This pic shows a bit more detail… the three or more warts on the largest dark spots that help to differentiate between the Fowler’s and a plain old American Toad.

There’s also some rubbish in books about the shape of cranial crests and their nearness to the parotoid glands that helps distinguish one toad from another. I know Fowler’s by their call, first. It’s a long, “Waaaaaaaaa” that sounds almost like a baby crying. Not as sweet a sound as the first Peepers of spring, but a welcome sound in the Barrens nonetheless.

5 thoughts on “Another look”

  1. I met a toad in my garden this morning myself. We spoke briefly, then he hopped on his way down the walk. (But I took his picture first.)

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