My brother just scares me

This from his Facebook profile.


He called me today, while he sat in traffic on his iPhone, to wish me a Happy Birthday. Said he felt bad that there hadn’t been cake; felt bad that he hadn’t called.

Anyway… he mentioned that he finally got himself on Facebook and that I should look for him.

I had to ask if there was a picture and if I’d recognize him.

“A bearded one,” he said.

“Your Osama Bin Laden pic?” I asked, referring to his profile pic here on Blogger.

“Not quite,” he said.

Of course not. This time it’s My Brother the Christian Crusader.

I’m wondering how many more uses he can dream up for that silly fake beard.

9 thoughts on “My brother just scares me”

  1. Hi Laura: My family has a tradition of trying to be the first sibling to call and sing “Happy Birthday”. It leads to lots of early morning calls with off-key singing followed by “Am I the first one to call?!”. We are a competitive bunch. But none of my siblings dress up this funny! What a riot your brother is. I hope you finally got some cake….


  2. I agree with Susan–Holy Grail it is.
    Actually, if he is Bin Laden in his blog, and a Christian Crusader on FB, he can fight himself, and all the rest of us can be left out of the insanity.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday!!! That is funny as hell. A friend of mine I’ve known since 5th grade, he is the drummer in our band, put a picture of him and another guy holding hands on our high school’s classmates page for himself and listed his occupation as an interior designer. Sounds a lot like your brother.

  4. I will email you some of my other uses for that beard. You can post them if you want. I use the beard because I am generally “follicley challenged” and because it is easier to pop it off than have to shave.

    We are, in fact, formerly known as one of the Knights of Nee.

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