Late spring weather report

Is this the coldest, dreariest June ever? Or does it just feel that way here at the Jersey Shore? I feel like I live in London, or somewhere out on the coast of Oregon with all this fog and dampness and rain.

It’s kind of depressing.

There have been moments of light and magic… the rain clicking and tapping its song on the roof… the porch and its electric, marshy yellow-gray smell of storms before they get here… the big flag up the street snapping in the wind and the curtains blowing like ghosts in the night…

There was an hour or so on the beach at Spring Lake yesterday at sunset, after crab cakes for dinner at the inlet with the fishing boats going by with their escort of laughing gulls…

A bit of magic despite the gray, but I’m tired of wearing sweaters and long pants.

Is it summer yet in your part of the world?

11 thoughts on “Late spring weather report”

  1. I’m with you, Laura. I feel like we missed spring all together. Where are the warm days with light breezes and the cool, clear nights? Everything is damp and humid and the ground is supersaturated.

    Beth (praying for some sun)

  2. I’m a couple of hours inland from you. . .but I agree. Too cool. Too rainy. Too little sun.
    On the other hand, the minute it gets hot, sweaty and steamy–with all the humidity central PA can muster–I will be whining again.

  3. Same here! I was just complaining to a friend last night (in the 60 degree rain) that we haven’t really felt spring yet. It has been a bit depressing. We’re not in Seattle!

  4. June gloom here on the central California coast. From what I hear, the same is true in southern California. Lots of cloudiness and fog. No rain, though. We’re still dry and getting drier.

  5. We had cool rainy weather for the first part of June. Now it is humid and unseasonably warm (all right, call it hot!) It is miserable outdoors because of the heat and humidity. I’m with everyone else…is there such a thing as “normal” weather anymore?

  6. Bawahahahaha … at last.

    The Pacific Northwest HAS had a delightful June so far .. no rain (really?) and temps 4 degrees or so above above normal! Lots of sun … probably even Forks is dry and warm!

    (sorry about that …)

  7. We have been very cool and wet here in Ontario for most of May and all of June. I like cool nights, but have to wear a coat every morning to work. Today is gorgeous 🙂

  8. We’ve had a lot of gray rainy days here in Central PA, but that’s just par for the course. I can’t wait to get out west, where the sun always shines!

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