Rocks with pictures worn

Rising from stormy waters and crowned by old forests, the sandstone cliffs of Pictured Rocks stretch for 15 miles along Lake Superior’s southern shoreline.

Historically the land of the Ojibwa, the rugged beauty of Pictured Rocks makes it easy for one to imagine a world shaped by unseen spirits, when in fact the formations are a work of nature, carved by water and time.

A couple hour boat ride from the little marina in Munising is the way we saw them today and despite the choppy seas and cold temps (50 degrees!) – any discomfort was quickly forgotten once I had a cup of coffee in hand and stable ground underfoot.

The pics speak for themselves, I think. Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is remote, but breathtakingly beautiful in so many ways that make the trip worthwhile.

11 thoughts on “Rocks with pictures worn”

  1. Laura,

    I love the UP. I hiked Pictured Rocks Lakeshore some (gasp!) 30 years ago and still remember those days with a lot of fondness. Never saw it from the water, though. We were trying to avoid falling in to that. Sometimes the trail went very close to the edge.

    Carolyn H.

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