Skywatch Friday: Jamaica Bay Birders

The Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge is one of the most important urban wildlife refuges in the US and is renowned as a prime birding spot where thousands of water, land and shorebirds stop during migration, with more than 325 species having been recorded in the past 25 years.

Our group of ten or so, minus those couple who were afraid of a little rain (Hi Patrick! Hi John!), grew and mingled and shrank throughout the day. This pic was taken early, before we were very muddied and before the storm clouds had passed us by.

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10 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday: Jamaica Bay Birders”

  1. Funny how a little blur and sepia tone can improve a photo, huh?


    I love this pic… each person seems caught up in their own little world, yet everyone’s kinda focused on the same thing.

  2. I love the photograph! So much to read into it. I’m surprised you even ventured out given the weather forecasts.

    You didn’t mention anything about the birds you saw. Was it still a good birding day?

  3. Great photo! It’s looks almost like a sunrise or sunset image.

    In my defense, I had faulty information about what to expect from the storm.

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