Back among the living

I’ve been pretty out of it the last couple days… funny how not feeling well can so easily reduce one’s *to-do list* to the barest of essentials, things like:

finding the very softest spot on the pillow to lay my head

keeping the tips of my toes under a blanket; my upper body was alternately (maddeningly!) hot or cold, but those toes had better be covered!

dreaming up something (anything!) that would make my sore throat feel better… chocolate pudding (somewhat)… popsicles (didn’t last long enough)… warm saltwater (ick, but effective)… coffee (felt awful; you can imagine the state that had me in!)… chicken soup (nice, but the noodles felt like they were getting stuck way back in my throat)

TMI, I know.

Anyway… I was at the doc in a box place before they even opened on Saturday morning.

And back at the pharmacist on Sunday morning wondering if the darn antibiotics shouldn’t have me feeling at least a little bit better by now?

I have to be desperate before I’ll see a doctor. Once I’ve taken that risk, I expect to be rewarded with feeling better pretty quickly. Waiting on meds to work their magic is hard when you’ve hardly slept or ate or done anything without a small measure of pain for a few days.

Builds compassion for others who are genuinely sick though, I think.

I felt the first tinges of an appetite returning late last night and managed a whole bowl of cream of broccoli soup.

Then I slept like a zombie and this morning there was coffee again.


Today I’m aching to be out with my camera capturing more of that late summer light.

11 thoughts on “Back among the living”

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    I’m from Argentina. Sorry for my english. You can write in your language, i’ll understand.

    Thanks, good luck.

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  2. Never too much info among blogger buddies. Glad you are on the mend, and glad it wasn’t the flu. Try V8 Fusion pomegranate with blueberry. It not only goes down smoothly but it gives you a serving of fruit and a serving of veggies. And feel better soon.

  3. Sorry to hear you were “hit” but am glad you are better. Probably your immune system was weakened by the stress of picking a toenail color. Gotta watch that stress.

    I was thinking the other day, you haven’t posted one of your reflection photos lately. I love those. How ’bout one of those? (Just a small request-no pressure).

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