Song of the wave

I’m about climbing the walls with it getting dark so early and having so little time outdoors most days.

I’m so bored I’m actually cooking!


And I’m reading some, which is nice to have the time for again. This evening I re-read my tattered copy of Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet… which I first read back in high school. There’s an essay of his about gardening that I’ve been searching for, and haven’t yet found, but I did come across this beautiful poem by him online and thought I’d share it…

The strong shore is my beloved
And I am his sweetheart.
We are at last united by love, and
Then the moon draws me from him.
I go to him in haste and depart
Reluctantly, with many
Little farewells.

I steal swiftly from behind the
Blue horizon to cast the silver of
My foam upon the gold of his sand, and
We blend in melted brilliance.

I quench his thirst and submerge his
Heart; he softens my voice and subdues
My temper.
At dawn I recite the rules of love upon
His ears, and he embraces me longingly.

At eventide I sing to him the song of
Hope, and then print smooth hisses upon
His face; I am swift and fearful, but he
Is quiet, patient, and thoughtful. His
Broad bosom soothes my restlessness.

As the tide comes we caress each other,
When it withdraws, I drop to his feet in

Many times have I danced around mermaids
As they rose from the depths and rested
Upon my crest to watch the stars;
Many times have I heard lovers complain
Of their smallness, and I helped them to sigh.

Many times have I teased the great rocks
And fondled them with a smile, but never
Have I received laughter from them;
Many times have I lifted drowning souls
And carried them tenderly to my beloved
Shore. He gives them strength as he
Takes mine.

Many times have I stolen gems from the
Depths and presented them to my beloved
Shore. He takes them in silence, but still
I give fro he welcomes me ever.

In the heaviness of night, when all
Creatures seek the ghost of Slumber, I
Sit up, singing at one time and sighing
At another. I am awake always.

Alas! Sleeplessness has weakened me!
But I am a lover, and the truth of love
Is strong.
I may be weary, but I shall never die.

–Khalil Gibran

There’s something that happens about midway through this poem that causes me to laugh quietly… I’m not really sure what it is, but I love the smile it brings to my face.

9 thoughts on “Song of the wave”

  1. You are about 40 degrees N. We are almost 49 degrees! Talk about short days now .. and usually storm after storm until January!

    Love it! (Plus, the summer days are Loooooong!)

  2. I wish they would have daylight savings time year around. Why not – it would give us more time to enjoy our evenings. Write to your Congressmen and Congresswomen.

  3. It’s this time of year that makes me feel like a vampire. I’m not surprised those movies are popular! I’ve been cooking, too. Don’t tell anyone. On second thought, it probably won’t matter if you do tell someone. They won’t believe you anyway.

    Carolyn H.

  4. Laura,
    I was blog surfing and landed upon your shore in a crashing wave. I enjoyed my visit here and read many of your recent entries. I live on the central Oregon coast and we have those short days that encourage cooking too! We also have the dramatic scenery which makes one thoughtful and poetic. Your picture of the lighthouse looks similar to our Yaquina Head lighthouse in Newport, and todays poem took me out to the shore this morning, where I suspect I will be headed now that I am properly inspired! Thanks for the great blog! Have a fun and fruitful day! Love,
    “Mrs. Slug”

  5. did you know kahlil onced said : man should pray when in happiness and big success.
    i like your blog and added you in my link list. would you add me in your link list too. thanx

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