The next IATB

IATB #119 is here next week sometime… the 18th to be exact.


I need to get a handle on this, I think.

(mild panicking)

THE bird blog carnival is coming to Somewhere in NJ.

(deep breath)

I’ve studiously avoided it for years, but it’s my turn, now.

(another deep breath)

If I’ve not contacted you directly to ask for a submission, it’s only because I don’t have an email addy for you. So I’ll make it easy… send me something wonderful and birdy (by 2/16) at


I’d like something vaguely poetic or literary or rambling…

(typical of what you mind find here)


The current edition of IATB, # 118, is up at Ben Cruachan’s Blog.

Have a look and thanks.


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