5 thoughts on “Armadillo in sunlight”

  1. Sadly, my primary memory of armadillos from when I lived in Florida is how common they were as roadkill. They were so common crunched on the roads that a body of jokes grew around them: How many GA Bulldogs does it take to eat armadillo? Three. One to eat and one to watch for traffic in each direction.

  2. Thanks Jason… I was hoping to spot one and actually ran across a couple.

    Mojoman: Yeah… I’ve heard the same thing about them; that their habit is to jump straight up to bumper-height.

    Bobbie: I’ve also read that they’re expanding their range northward… all we need is another critter digging in the veggie garden, right?

    KGMom: I couldn’t resist touching that armor, just out of curiosity… funny thing is that their bellies are furred.

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