Favorites at the beach

The line of shoes left at the dune fence
Sun streaks in your hair
Ghost crabs
Sun-kissed shoulders
Halter tops
Floating docks
When the wind shifts direction
Lavender-infused lemonade
Digging your toes into the sand
The cries of gulls
Orienting your towel to the sun
Stopping for black raspberry ice cream on the drive home
Wrap-around porches
Polka-dot bikinis
Your chair at the low tide mark with waves lapping at your ankles
A baby in a white floppy hat meeting the ocean for the first time
The smell of Coppertone
A little pool of water in your belly button
Wading through a sun-warmed tidal pool
The shapes of clouds
Painted toenails

7 thoughts on “Favorites at the beach”

  1. MevetS: Good!

    Rabbit’s Guy: Girls… of course!


    Cape May Wren: I am, yeah!

    BTW… I’m pretty sure we know each other… met in another life, as a matter of fact…. could that be?

    You were on the Birder’s Forum on Nature.Net ages ago, right?

    Dave: My pleasure!

    Susan: I’d want you to smack me if I did!

    Kathie: Yep!

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