5 thoughts on “Tiptoe through the…”

  1. Yeah I hate those shows. It’s always too crowded (constantly bumping people); too hot; your feet hurt from all that walking around; the traffic getting there is brutal (and just try to find parking close by!).

    (and the crowds and the lighting make for terrible photo ops)

    Yeah, fun. 😉

  2. I went a few times several years back. It was crowded, but I enjoyed it. I love the bonsai, succulent/cacti, and miniature garden exhibits. The bonsai exhibit is usually run by Rosade Bonsai Studio, where I took a few classes a few years ago. Neat place.

  3. Lots and lots of tulips grown here – but not for another month will they bloom (daffs out now.)

    However, right by one of the big fields is a billboard for one of our local banks and it has their logo kind of small and the words “Stop and Smell the Tulips”!

    Cheers us all up as we pass by!

    Flower shows – those have cost me more anguish and money – as I get all these neato ideas – most of which I am totally incapable of making happen – but I try!

  4. MevetS: (rolling my eyes in your direction)

    Caroline: Probably I embarrassed myself putting my nose in every flower…

    Patrick: Oh! That reminds me… the miniature gardens were really cool… wish I had taken a couple pics.

    Rabbit’s Guy: Thanks for the smile… I know all about that sort of inspiration…


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