We nearly froze, but…

A poor photo of a lovely group of people…

The Monmouth County Audubon Society sponsors free monthly walks, regardless of the weather.


This day, early last month, we nearly froze to death at Sandy Hook, but saw Long-Tailed Ducks, Common Eiders, lots of Harbor Seals basking in the sun, and an Iceland Gull.

I’ve been responsible for planning these field trips for a couple years now and so have developed a sense of who our customers are… mostly beginners and plenty of kids dragged outdoors by their parents… plus there’s Marty.


Marty (pictured far right, smiling) is a regular on our field trips, yet I’ve never seen him at any of our monthly meetings… curious, that.

Our next scheduled outing is Saturday, March 28th at Monmouth Battlefield State Park (Marty will be there, I’m sure!)… after that it’s Saturday, April 17th, again at Sandy Hook for Osprey, Piping Plovers and other early migrants…

We’d love to have you!

4 thoughts on “We nearly froze, but…”

  1. Pfft! It wasn’t that cold!

    (and you left out Bonaparte’s Gull, Horned Grebe, and Canada Goose)

    I can’t wait for the 28th!

    (of course, like Rabbits’ Guy, I’ll be some 3000 miles away!)


  2. Looks like a fun day Laura!
    I froze my tail feathers in Duluth and never did see a long-tailed duck, but I did get to spend a couple of really great days birding with old and new friends.

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