I’ve been

looking at cherry blossoms as a bumblebee might
divining the cryptic patterns of moths
wandering along creeks

practising my snake-charming skills*
resisting the urge to walk barefoot among the violets and bluets
letting the sun kiss my shoulders

imagining a visit to the Grand Canyon and deciding other places call to me more
watching bats weave their twilight magic across Venus and a sinking Orion
debating my future

feeling like the fifth wheel on a car gone crazily off course
cheering for a rookie
muddying my bare feet to save my shoes

discovering a pair of eagles soaring among dogwood flowers
hyperventilating on a train trestle

the scope’s okay despite its crazy cartwheel into the river below!

eating s’mores

watching Spring spread across the treetops
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Anything fun for you lately?

*If someone can help on the snake, I’d appreciate it… it tried very hard to convince silly me that it was a fierce rattlesnake, using its tail to rattle the dried leaves (and the worried man standing behind me.)


9 thoughts on “I’ve been”

  1. Just marvelous, Laura! Truly delightful. And gorgeous photos. Sounds like you’ve been focused on all the right things. And I had to laugh about the scope cartwheeling into the river… Been there and done that.

    (I’m no expert, but your snake looks like a kind of rat snake [Elaphe obsoleta]. They’re known to rattle their tails to mimic true rattlesnakes, and the pattern seems right. But I’m only guessing.)

  2. Oh wow! Laura – beautiful picture essay and lovely, funny prose.

    Wow. Did you *really* drop your scope off that trestle?

    I just saw your comment over at Bev’s blog – she identified snakes once for me. She could probably help Id yours.

    She is as lovely a person as her blog. I spent a little time with her last year.

  3. That’s our pal “Sneaky Snake” … watch out – he’ll drink up all of your beers! (Tom T. Hall)

    Your pictures are pretty much what life always looks like to us!

  4. “practising my snake-charming skill”


    Let me know when you can get them to slide into you pockets!


    (And yeah, rat snake seems probable.)

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