A little boy’s (almost) smile

He’s shy!

and a sweet little girl’s crazy curls…

These made me smile today.

Linda lets me borrow her kids from time to time, to amuse myself from behind the camera. I love the open, unguarded faces of children. I love these particular children for their brown skin and laughing eyes, for the babytalk we share in Spanish, for the silliness they’re learning from their mom.

7 thoughts on “A little boy’s (almost) smile”

  1. Nice pix. BL brings home ones like that for awhile now and then too.

    I have a long piece of paper taped on the wall and I measure them all now and then. They like to see how they have grown!

  2. These are beautiful children- and photos. We have a wee one in our extended family of friends with this same coloring and she is just stunning. Nice that you can take them out on loan!

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