Cape May lineup

Are you in?

So far there’s just Susan, Delia and me.


That’s a very small Flock.

BT3 is speaking on Saturday night.

There’s the Hawkwatch and the Seawatch at Avalon.

Heck… there’s Sandy Hook on the way from the airport.

The Fall Weekend at Cape May isn’t anything like the New River Festival or Potholes and Prairies, but this isn’t West Virginia or North Dakota. What NJ might lack in charm or hospitality, it makes up for in birds.

; )

And high prices, I know.

Don’t let the registration fees dissuade you. Come for a day or an afternoon, even.

We’re making it more affordable this year by staying together in some ramshackle hotel and only paying for a day’s worth of programs. We’ll spend the rest of the weekend wandering on our own, making up bird ID’s and laughing together.

Sounds fun, no?

It’s Cape May… THE birding destination. You know it’s on your list for “someday”… why not make it this year?

The Flock would love to have you join us.

7 thoughts on “Cape May lineup”

  1. Oh wow, will there be a happy hour thing on Friday? Maybe I’ll come up for just Friday night if I can get a room for one night. Saturday is my sister-in-law’s 30th birthday party.

  2. You forgot some of the best things about Cape May- Pancakes at Uncle Bill’s, Guidos. and oh, yeah … “WHAT’S THAT SMELL?”

    How YOU doin’, Laura?


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