Raiding my brother’s garden

I made a late morning visit to my brother’s house; I wasn’t really expecting to find him at home, but

the welcoming crew assembled to greet me as I stepped from the car…

and the garden sentry was especially suspicious of my motives,

but look at the bounty he’s charged with safeguarding!

I nearly tripped over this young member of the pest control crew…
(what funny curly feathers, btw!)

but this was my prize!
So Kev, those couple perfectly ripe tomatoes you thought the squirrels had stolen…
that was me!
; )

4 thoughts on “Raiding my brother’s garden”

  1. Oh, this all looks so good! The chick is too cute. I wish we could get beefsteak tomatoes here in the city. Fairway just doesn’t have ’em and I’m jonesing for my tomatoes and mozarella!

  2. Those are my attack chickens ! They roam the property in search of tomato rustlers !

    I am glad to see they are working out well. What should have happened is when you bend down to take a sweet photo of the fuzzy chick (whose name is “Lady Ga Ga” by the way), the other chickens attack and knock the tomatoes out of your hands and then they eat them. Oh well.

    Take all the tomatoes you want. I am giving them away by the bag full. It was a banner year because of the heat wave. Enjoy.

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