Social work puzzlers

Some things I’ve been pondering lately, courtesy of my clients:

How can you afford two flat-screen tv’s, but not a kitchen table?

Isn’t the appointment letter I sent you, a month in advance, that says I’ll be there between 9am and 3pm on such-and-such a day enough notice so that you might at least be out of bed and dressed when I show up at your house… at say, noon?

And without some unidentified male hiding from me under the bed?

I hate when they do that to me!

Should I really have to explain to you why it’s inappropriate to urinate in public?

Did you imagine, when you said your son was, “away with his dad” that I understood they were both housed in the same correctional facility? Geesh!! You made it sound like they were on vacation together, rather than both locked up on drug and weapons charges.

Did you think I wouldn’t figure out that you’re sleeping with your landlord in lieu of paying rent? Really?


I could write a book, I tell ya.

7 thoughts on “Social work puzzlers”

  1. It probably isn’t funny when you have to deal with it every day (my brother is in social work, too – modified housing program) but this made me giggle. Pretty amazing what people will try and get away with, huh?

  2. Well, you know I giggled too. I had a family member of a patient roll up his sleeve yesterday to show me his tat that says, “Fluffy” on his arm. “That’s what they call me everytime I go to jail,” he said with a grin. Uh, ok. I didn’t ask any further questions.

  3. As a fellow Social Worker I feel your pain. But nothing beats a client answering the door in nothing but his birthday suit. Nothing fazes me any more not even drug dealers dealing out in the open.

  4. Oh. My .God.


    I am so impossibly sheltered.

    And now. A question for you.

    How do you do it?

    If you had a magic wand, what ONE societal change would you effect to remedy this dissolution and deprivation?

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