Buddy gets festive

Buddy is just exhausted with all the holiday preparations – poor old boy! I took this photo a week or so ago while we were “camping out” in the living room for a few days while the DH was re-painting the bedroom. We’ve since re-painted the living room, dining room, and bathroom. DH is now working on the kitchen. This work has needed to be done for a long time, but he hates painting so has put it off till a week before Christmas when the whole family will be here for dinner. We haven’t even bought an Xmas tree yet, so I don’t know how we’ll ever finish in time!

Buddy had a day at the *spa* this past Saturday – we sent him for the first time to the vet for a medicated bath, ear cleaning, and nail trim. He came home with a shiny coat and at least 5 pounds less fur. I’m amazed (still after 10 years) with how much he sheds! The vet staff said that he behaved well which was a surprise considering how fearful he is at the vet.

Anyway, we have an assortment of Xmas hats, scarves, antlers, and bandanas that we torture him with around the holidays. He takes it all in stride – he’s such a good boy!

3 thoughts on “Buddy gets festive”

  1. Buddy is just beautiful! He looks so adorable!
    I am a dog people and this month (may/06)a made a post about my furry companion Flora. She’s a lovely mutt and I would like you make a visiting at my blog.

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