Cricket disapproves…

This post on the Birdchick Blog today got me thinking about the many ways I invade the bunnies’ privacy by trying to get cute pictures of them. It seems that Birdchick’s bunny Cinnamon disapproves of my posting a photo of Boomer’s butt.

Cricket will not make any comment about how large Cinnamon’s butt appears in this photo, but she certainly disapproves of Cinnamon being so near to a Golden Eagle. I, however, find the Golden to be very cool. Sharon has a great blog and the coolest job (and a very cute rabbit)!

My bunnies are not easy to photograph, so I tend to sneak up on them with the camera when they are otherwise occupied. For example, this photo of Missy playing in her cardboard castle on the patio. The cardboard castle was probably her favorite toy, but the Flemmies destroyed it. Bunny toy manufacturers listen up – there ought to be toys designed for big bunnies! The flemmies were too heavy for the cardboard castle and can’t fit into the cheese house.

I snuck up on Boomer and Cricket to take this picture of them snuggling together in their hidey-box. They sleep their day away there while I’m at work. They really seem to like the fleece bed to sleep on, but it accumulates huge amounts of their shed fur. If I try to brush away the fuzz with my fingers (or heaven forbid the vacuum!) Cricket nudges me away with her nose and tries to nip me. She is very protective of her hidey-box, but only when she is in it! Today I brought the two of them into the petstore for a nail trim, which was quite an ordeal. They both disapprove of nail trims.

Lastly, I have this photo of Freckles peeking out at me from her cheese house. Why she loves this thing so much I can’t guess, but she sure looks cute in it. She’ll scramble around in it for a bit and then flop on her side for a nap. She is a pro at the *dead-bunny-flop* that gives me a small heart attack on a daily basis. She also loves to throw stuff to make noise, like she’s doing right now because her dinner and treats are very late!

I don’t have any embarassing or indiscreet photos of Dora yet, but she’s only been here a few months and is too wary still for me to sneak up on her.

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