International Migratory Bird Day

I missed a story on the way home from work on NPR about International Migratory Bird Day, but checked their website this evening and found a lot of wonderful links there. I’ve only been listening to NPR (WNYC 93.9) for the last year or so and wonder why I didn’t start listening sooner. Love them! Their website is great, too. A wonderful diversion for a few hours if you have the time. The link to today’s story and other interesting bird-related links can be found here.

The image at left is this year’s poster by Radeaux and celebrates the theme of the boreal forest as the “bird nursery of the north”. Click on the image for more info.

I’ll be out tomorrow doing the “World Series of Birding” with Sandy Hook Bird Observatory. The weather doesn’t look too promising, but hopefully we’ll get plenty of birds. We’re meeting at 5:30 a.m. and will bird until dark. I doubt that I’ll last that long, but we’ll see!

2 thoughts on “International Migratory Bird Day”

  1. Happy Bird Day, Laura!
    We’re having big fun up here in Northern Ohio…hope you have a great day for the WSB!
    You can’t walk for tripping on warblers here…and the buzz is high on how close you can get to them this year…like they fly right up to a branch 2 feet from your face.
    Can’t wait to hear about your Series totals!

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