Along the Navesink

Marine Park, Red Bank NJ

I went to the river today hoping for a breeze – summer seems to have arrived overnight. With summer in NJ comes overbearing humidity. Yuck. There was enough wind for a few sailboats to be out and many families were at the marina for probably the first time this season, readying for a day trip on the river to Sandy Hook or NY Harbor. A few kids were crabbing from the dock – seems a bit optimistic to me so early in the season. I was surprised to find barn swallows here, twisting and turning low over the water between the moored boats. I got only one pic before a swallow flew too close for it to have been an accident – it perched on the railing of the boat in the foreground and chittered at me for a moment. Once I backed off, it flew from the railing to the underside of the stairway leading down to the dock where it had made a nest over the water. Quite a surprise!

4 thoughts on “Along the Navesink”

  1. Pretty shot. I’ve spent a few humid summers in NJ — Dover and Princeton to be exact. I remember one trip to Jockey Hollow where I fainted from the heat and humidity. Ugh. I don’t know how you manage!

    I saw a great blue herron today being chased in the sky by some black birds — they really run the poor fellow off. A strange sight….

  2. I miss summers on the sea. Summers in-land are very close to hell!

    Lovely stuff on this blog, particularly the bunnies, the iris and the pond fish. Thanks.

  3. Well here in upper Michigan it is very warm and muggy…I’m listing to a red-eyed viero as I type this…they like this warm weather.

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