Bloom sequence

I took this series of pics late yesterday afternoon. This isn’t the sequence of bloom of just one peony flower, but five on the same plant, at different stages of bloom. I’d been waiting for just the right day and yesterday was it – good thing too, because last night we had thunderstorms with wind and rain that did a number on the peonies. Most of them are now just a heap of fallen petals. I’m not very fond of this color peony in the garden, but think it looks just breathtaking in these pics with the blurred green background of the foliage for contrast.

Hal Borland calls peonies, ” homely, and friendly, and generous beyond belief. Give them half a chance and they are yours for a lifetime; yours in magnificent color and abundance.” These have been blooming beside my screenhouse for at least ten years, with very little fuss on my part. I don’t cut these single varities because they won’t last in the vase, but instead enjoy them as they are. The few doubles I have I will cut and bring indoors to combine with roses in a bouquet. Somewhat of a puzzle to me is one peony that produces lush foliage every year, but no buds. I wonder if I have it planted too deeply? Does anyone know?

8 thoughts on “Bloom sequence”

  1. Can’t help with the question…I am peony-challenged. My mom has the most lush, ridiculously heavy batch of peonies and she said she will hand some over…someday.
    Those pictures rock.

  2. Thanks 😉

    mojoman: Interesting you should mention that peonies remind you of grandmothers – Borland makes that same connection in the piece I quoted. Sadly, mine don’t have much fragrance.

  3. beautiful flower pictures — you’re right about the color and how it works against the dark foilage.

    Re: no buds — is that plant getting too much nitrogen? Do you feed them? Maybe hold off the nitro on that one. That’s all I can think of…I don’t know this flower well. Not sure they thrive in my area. Now, ask me about Mexican sage and Mexican marigold….oh, and lavendar…..

    I’m looking forward to your frig art!

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