After listening to this tree frog sing for the last 2 weeks, I finally found him early this evening and was able to take his pic. During the day he’s been hiding inside one of the rungs on the vinyl fence that surrounds the pond. I found him there by accident one afternoon while weeding. Later I realized why I think he chose that spot. When he calls in the early evening from inside the fence he sounds very loud and his song has a fantastic echo! Smart frog.

Once the lightening bugs were out and the crickets started making noise I went looking for him in the bog garden and found him perched on a low Joe Pye leaf – he must have just come out of his daytime hiding spot to hunt for bugs. Bev at Burning Silo had a great post a few weeks back about gray treefrogs called What do you see? – neat pics and her blog is always a good read.

6 thoughts on “Found!”

  1. What a great photo! It must have taken tremendous persistence and patience to capture that one. I bet most of us have never even seen a tree frog. Thanks to you, we now know what we’re missung.

  2. At Morgan’s swim meets there are tons of frogs and I feel so awful for them because all the kids pick them up and carry them around, some take them home (to a sad demise I am sure). They have little suction cup feet and the kids will walk around with them on their arms, legs, heads. I think it’s cool for the kids, but like I said, I always feel bad for the frogs.

  3. Bravo for finding the tree frog in your yard. It’s funny how their voices can be so conspicuous, while at the same time they remain so invisible.

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