Bad bird photo of the week

Swallow song

Swallows are starting to gang up on the wires here in the mornings… I love to listen to their conversations while I wake up with coffee.

I haven’t heard a Katydid yet, but I can feel the natural world turning towards Fall.

What about you in your part of the world? Can you see Fall despite the summer heat?

Tell me how you know it’s coming…

7 thoughts on “Bad bird photo of the week”

  1. Katydids are so loud around here in the evenings we can hardly keep up a conversation on the porch. The sun is sleeping in later almost every day. Around here summer is definitely waning.

  2. -summer has a few good moments for me but but I’m so looking forward to fall! We get that same wire buildup of swallows at our fairgrounds here in town.

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