8/23/06 Mid-week bunny fix

Maybe, just maybe, I’ve finally found a bunny that will pose for pictures, rather than running underneath the nearest piece of furniture when the camera comes out. Peeper likes to sit beside the window on my hope chest and that’s where I took this pic today. The afternoon light streaming in the window does wonderful things for her brown fur, don’t you think?

It’s almost two months now since Peeper *showed up on the doorstep* with the help of a kindly neighbor. Just about a month since she was spayed. The change in her personality has been quite dramatic in that short period of time. She no longer peeps at me like a little lost bird; she doesn’t often have reason to be frightened now. For a while she would peep and growl at the vacuum cleaner, but now she just boxes at it if I get too close while cleaning her cage. She doesn’t peep when I touch her, but is frightened when she thinks I might pick her up.

She’s learning to like being petted and loves to explore in the evenings when she’s out. I’ve had to set up an x-pen to confine her to the office and hallway, otherwise I’m sure she’d take run of the house. With Dora, who used to live here in the office, I never had to set up a gate at the doorway because she would not cross the threshold; Peeper has no such fear and a moment of inattention on my part found her down the hallway in our bedroom, under the bed.

She’s a very unassuming rabbit; a lot like Freckles. Very quiet though; she hasn’t learned to throw things the way Freckles likes to do. She’s happy sleeping the days away, eating greens, hay and the occasional baby carrot I hide for her somewhere, and exploring and contemplating by the window in the evenings. One at a time I’m introducing her to the treats that most house bunnies love. Most she likes and will grab from my fingers and run away with. Last week I gave her a small piece of what had to have been her *first ever* banana. Most bunnies love bananas. Not Peeper… not yet. She curled up her lips and backed away suspiciously… then she ran and thumped at me. Silly rabbit, not liking nanners!

9 thoughts on “8/23/06 Mid-week bunny fix”

  1. *what!!!!!!!!!!! Bunnies not liking nannas????????????*

    Sorry, had to tear Tater away from the computer 🙂

    Peepers sounds so wonderful. Isn’t it funny how some bunnies just take over and have no problem with different surfaces? I have seen it so many times. Choppper won’t cross an uncarpeted area to save his life, no need for a baby gate at all for him. I could probably take down the gate to the office permenantly as well because Jack and Paul will not walk on the hard wood floors.

    Silly rabbits indeed 🙂

  2. What a sweet girl! And to think you ever had a doubt in your mind about giving her a home! I was the same way at first with Tidbit, and now we can’t imagine life without our little bunnnybrats, can we?

  3. That is a sweet little bunny!

    My mom use to keep lops when I was a kid (great compost for the garden) and let them hop around on their own.

    They went all over the house and even would play chase with the cats. 🙂

  4. Lynne: Baked sweet potato sounds like a healthy treat with plenty of fiber, too. We’ll have to try it sometime.

    Michelle: The flemmies are the same – they could have run of the house, but mostly stay on the sun porch. I think it’s the size of the living room that scares them – too much open space. When they do go in there, they stick to the edges of the room (and behind the furniture).

    Susan: she likes kisses on her nose!

    Bunnygirl: yes, we can’t help but fall for them.

    Laura: she sure is pretty and sweet. Lucky too, I guess, for having been found.

    Naturewoman: thanks for stopping by – she is soft.

    Hanna: yes – bunnies are very efficient recyclers.


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