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This is one of many pages done for my brother’s annual Halloween party. It was the first year after my DH and I were married, so we went as Frankenstein and his Bride. My DH makes a pretty convincing Frankenstein, doesn’t he? My brother and sister-in-law (in the strategically placed fig leaves) were Adam and Eve and my dad was a Keystone Cop. (This is a 14X14 page that wouldn’t fit on the scanner bed so it’s cut off on both ends.)
First Christmas after we did some work on the house and got new furniture. Me with a Pixie haircut! (Another 14X14 page)
Missy and Freckles as little baby bunnies. Say “Awwww…”
My husband seeing the osprey off at Sandy Hook on Labor Day 2000
My brother-in-law’s wedding. I scrapbooked a wedding album as a gift for them.

Naturwoman and I have been chatting a bit on her blog about scrapbooking, and we each wanted to have a look at the other’s pages, so I thought I would share a few here tonight. These are scanned and should be clickable for a closer look, if you dare. What I like best about scrapbooking is the storytelling aspect; picking a few of the best photos from an event and using them to give a sense of what happened. I never used to be such a shutterbug, so the prospect of scrapbooking my photos seemed reasonable. Nowadays, the idea is pretty daunting.

Scrapbooking has evolved to be a very complex craft; I’m not artistic enough or patient enough to do the types of pages I see in magazines today. I like to use pretty papers and stickers and play with colors and different styles of handwriting. For the first few years I made my pages for a 14″ X 14″ album, then I switched to a more standard size. Now I like to do little *books* – smaller page sizes are more fun and a bit easier to do.

Now it’s your turn – let’s see some of those pages!

**Edited to add that Sandy at gardenpath has posted one of her pages – it’s really neat – have a look!

6 thoughts on “Scrapbook samples”

  1. Ohhhh, very nice scrapbook pages! Thanks for sharing! I need to get busy. Yesterday I spent my free time freeing up disk space, and I should be able to get back to digital scrapbooking this weekend.
    I like the storytelling aspect of scrapbooking, too. I started putting together all of the marble that has been cleaned up and items that have been fixed at Sonnenberg Gardens on a page. I’ll share asap!

  2. I’m impressed! I think your arrangments are VERY artistic. I tried scrapbooking once, but I simply couldn’t get things looking exciting enough to justify the time (my kids were babies), so I gave up. Maybe when I’m a grandma I’ll make those little gift albums you talk about.

  3. Ok Laura,
    I just posted the only thing I had left after my computer crashed last year. My stuff is all done on the computer, hope that counts.
    — you made a good bride!

  4. Susan: Thanks 😉 I thought my DH made a great Frankenstein. I haven’t done any lately either – all my stuff is packed away in the attic.

    Mojoman: thanks for stopping by. I think scrapbooking is a better *record* than just pics placed in an album. Don’t you have a stash of old family photos that can’t be identified anymore because no one remembers who the people are? I think that’s really kind of sad. I’d guess blogging is sort of the same type of thing.

    Naturewoman: I look forward to your pages – share when ready!

    Madcapmum: I love the little books – it’s nice to do them around a theme, like a wedding, or favorite things, etc. I also made a *brag* book for my dad with pictures of his first grandkid – that was a fun project.

    Sandy: Thanks for playing along. I’ll have a look!

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