A random sort of Sunday

The birthday boy cutting the lawn – what a way to spend your birthday. “Just like any other day,” he says. He bought himself that big honkin’ mower this spring and drove it through the fence and nearly into the pond the first time he used it. Sadly I wasn’t there to take pics of that! He blamed it on the funny hand controls – yea right!
We turned off the pump and filter on the pond this afternoon. One day this week we’ll get the net out to cover it, so I figured I should take a few last pics of the fishies until spring. The garden is so quiet without the waterfall running, but I won’t afford to run it all year. My rule is that the heat doesn’t go on until the pond is shut down and my husband has been almost shivering watching tv in the evenings so getting that done was a priority today, birthday or no.
I planted some pansies in the newly mulched beds and in the basket of this bunny statue that marks the spot beneath the serviceberry where Mr. Bean, my first flemish giant, is buried.
I also put in pansies and some decorative kale in the other little garden for bunnies that have hopped on to the bridge. This spot is so pretty in late spring with a huge bleeding heart and budding peonies that I like to keep it pretty in the fall also.
I love the fall colors of the grasses and dogwoods in the back garden. I don’t know the name of this fountain grass, but I have five or six of them scattered around the place.

So now there is a birthday dinner to cook, followed by sugar-free pumpkin pie instead of birthday cake (and peanut butter cookies for me) for dessert. Papers to grade and laundry to do. Bunnies to feed. Dog to get out for a stroll. The list goes on.

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  1. Your fish are beautiful! Mine have been busy lately with the warm Carolina sun on them. In the mornings, though, they are motionless and sleeping 3 feet under. We had ponds in MD and DE, too, and I remember the ice and snow and wondered how they’d survive. I miss snowfalls. I haven’t been able to post since I tried Saturday evening. Blogger better clear up before I go nuts.

  2. Happy Birthday to your husband!
    I need so much this big mower! Lol!

    Love all photos but I am enchanted with this fountain grass, just luxuriant!

    Last but not least, thank you for your visiting and nice comment. Yes, the spotted puppies are very cute!

    Have a nice week!

  3. Happy Birthday to your DH!

    Great fishies, and I just love your bunny stuff in the gardens.

    Aren’t pansies great? Around here, they’re our winter flowers, because they bloom even in our “coldest” months, unless we get some unusually frigid weather. They’re such happy flowers that I sometimes think they’re here just to cheer us up on cold gray days.

  4. Michelle: Thanks – I think they have grown a bit. I fed them more this summer than I usually do.

    Thanks Deb! Big guy needs a big mower, I guess.

    Mary: Thanks for stopping by. I do worry for them in the winter, but so far they’re been okay with just a bubbler to keep the ice open.

    I couldn’t post anything (or see any other blogs) last night, but it was fine this morning. Wonder why you’re able to sign in but not post?

    Sonia: Your puppy pics made my day!

    Bunnygirl: I plant them in the fall and the spring – some are supposed to be able to overwinter, but mine never look so good come March, so I just replace them. I think the fall ones are my favorites – I love the purples and oranges.

    Susan: I think he drove it into the fence because he was standing on that thing – he’s since taken the deck or whatever it’s called off.

    Do you cut your lawn or does the DH? I kind of like doing it, but Rich complains that my lines aren’t straight.

    Dave: Yes, it did a nice job on the fence!

    Most all of our fish are goldfish, but for 3 fancy koi we bought this spring. That gold one is a real mugger for the camera, but is so very pretty!

    I’m hoping they’ll be as hardy as the plain goldfish in the winter. Michelle do you know if that is true?

  5. Geoff cuts our grass most of the time, but I do a better job. He is slightly afraid of getting into tricky spots. (He had been known to chop up landscaping, rocks, etc.)
    And who really cares if the lines are straight? I like it when the yard is non-linear.

  6. Happy Birthday to your husband! He does look like he enjoys that mower!
    Your yard looks to be good shape. Will the pansies grow all winter? I know they do in Oklahoma and Texas. I love the grasses, too. Do they winter well?

  7. Pam: I don’t think these are all that big – may be the angle of the photo. Love the ones you feature on your blog.

    Naturewoman: They start out looking so puny, then the next summer they just take off – nice to see.

    Lynne: Guess he did! Love the bunny *sculpture* myself – and it was cheap!

    Susan: Does he take out the garbage? 😉

    LauraO: Not so far (fingers crossed) – one day this summer my husband startled off a night heron, though. ;-(

    FC: Pretty, but they need to start hiding soon!

    Debbie: A man and his tools!
    Thanks, Endment!

    Sandy: The grasses look nice for a while; I just cut them to the ground in spring. Very easy to care for.

  8. Your flower beds are beautiful, and the bunny art is great–need to put a link to these photos on my Christmas list for Kat as a hint.

    Man, that’s a great mower!

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