Up close with a Black and White

I spent a couple hours one morning last week at the Jekyll Island Banding Station; it’s Georgia’s oldest continually operated station. There’s always a nice variety of birds and the folks who run the station, for a couple weeks each fall, are happy for visitors.

This particular warbler, a Black and White, was quite feisty!

And handsome, of course…

Note the “target” penned on the bander’s finger… he says it gives the birds somewhere to aim their bites!

; )

3 thoughts on “Up close with a Black and White”

  1. Years ago, when our son was a young teen, and our daughter just past toddler, we vacationed on Jekyll Island. I loved it. I so wished more east coast shoreline had been so preserved, instead of over-built.

    And as for the little black and white bird being banded–love it. Looks as though you’ve found some new outlets for your birding passion.

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