Stolen glances – a Haibun for one deep breath

Quite a few of the blogs I enjoy reading – gardenpath and endment come to mind – participate in a weekly poetry prompt from one deep breath. I thought I would give it a try this week! Participants are writing in a style known as Haibun which is a combination of prose and haiku. I’m no poet, but enjoyed the excuse to share this photo I took today while out running errands.

I was delighted to come across this field and its huge round bales of hay. Most hayfields here were cut and baled and stowed away months ago and I never took the time to stop and photograph any of them. Most farmers here use square bales anyway, but I’m partial to the look of these round ones. I love the challenge of finding things to photograph that don’t look like NJ at all. A hayfield like this one is probably something that many of you drive past each day and don’t even give a second thought to because they are such a common sight. That may even be the case in other parts of NJ, but I love to see scenes like this that make me imagine I’m somewhere else or sometime in the past. The truth of the matter is that this pic was taken on the front *lawn* property of a corporate headquarters. I was trespassing on their private road when I took the pic.

On with my attempt at Haibun:

Speeding past shuttered farm stands and pastured horses, a dozen crows sort through the debris of a hayfield as I pause to watch them. The sun is warm at noon and the air tinged with the hint of a heavy frost to come. There is just enough time to step out of the car, walk a few steps, and steal this image of the beauty above, below, and around me before hurrying on to other things.

the color of change
leaf by leaf and day by day
Autumn at my feet

21 thoughts on “Stolen glances – a Haibun for one deep breath”

  1. What an absolute treat–the photo is breathtaking, like a wondrous painting in its color and detail. Haibun is new to me; as a sometime poet, I shall have to try it.

  2. Great first attempt,Laura! I love that photo, can you believe I miss fall already, now that Maine is taking the look of winter?
    So glad to see you here! You have the eyes and pen of a poet.

  3. I love your poem, Laura. The way you worded the second line caused me to pause and feel it. Your photographs are stunning too (love the barrens post–had trouble with Blogger leaving a comment yesterday), as always. 🙂

  4. That’s lovely, Laura.

    Your photos haven’t been showing up for me the past couple of days. But from the words I have a clear mental image of your picture. I’m eager to see if it matches the actual photo, if the actual photos ever show up.

    I was out taking pictures in the country Monday, too. I’ll post some eventurally.

  5. wow…what a debut! wonderful haibun and lovely photograph…and i would have to agree having lived in NJ for 11 years (a lifetime ago)…that looks more like PA (or south Jersey….after all, it IS the Garden State 🙂

    welcome to ODB…so glad to have you join us and hope you come back

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