Friends and companions (Renga)

urgency of bloom
hurry to flower and seed
fuel for the migrants

Autumn’s children moving south
in flocks like sunset-colored clouds

A rather loose interpretation of this week’s theme for one deep breath. A Renga is a group-effort sort of poem, written with others. I may try to get the girls at work to help me on another one, like Jane Poe – Nevermore did. Stay tuned.

**Updated: I harassed some of my coworkers into writing a Renga today, as stress relief. Their group effort follows.

The poets (from top left): Josie, Linda, Eileen, Kathy, Deb, Tina

sharing and caring
all day, every day, all night
true friends are always near
sadness is fleeting, but often
good friends take the tears away
friendship sometimes hurts
to hold a grudge does not work
smiles and laughter do
some friends test friendship daily
other friends are always true
bonded together
friendships come in different shades
great love every one
emotions express feelings
friendships help us cope through life
chums embrace an alliance
of familiarity
I’d also like to call your attention to a beautiful post by Mary who’s been commenting here lately. In Memories Almost Forgotten she shares some very special memories of her dad. Please stop by there and have a look.

In other news, my big brother stopped by here long enough to razz me about being Daddy’s Little Girl. Check the comments on this post.

9 thoughts on “Friends and companions (Renga)”

  1. You are so uplifting. You mentioned the quality of the man’s voice reminding of you of your Dad’s and I thought the same. It was weak and shallow. Thanks for the link, Laura. Now I’m off to One Deep Breath 🙂

  2. Let your brother razz. There’s nothing wrong with being Daddy’s little girl. My daughter is mine and she’s a joy to be around. She likes doing a lot of the same things I do and when we get that chance to do them together, it makes my day, week, month, ….

  3. What I want to know is why is it okay for a girl to be Daddy’s girl but when a son adores his mother in the same way, the term “Momma’s Boy” is derogatory.

    Anyway, nothing wrong in either case, in my not-so-humble opinion! 🙂

    Love your Renga. Very cool. My contribution will be a poem on friendship — I’m not quite brave enough to tackle a renga. Poetry is very solitary for me! 🙂

  4. Your co-workers and friends have talent! I like the way you identified them so nicely. They deserve it. Your renga is great, especially with the photo.

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