Kitchen chaos

The kitchen looks something like this – like a small tornado hit – you get the idea – but there’s a pumpkin-praline pie baking in the oven and a pumpkin cheesecake still to make. The DH is peeling chestnuts for our favorite casserole with Brussels Sprouts. The bunnies are attention-deprived. I’m feeling thankful that I don’t have a turkey to cook also.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Off to attend to that pie in the oven.

8 thoughts on “Kitchen chaos”

  1. LOL!!!! Looks like a workshop! Have fun and make sure you attend to that pie and give those bunnies the hugs they deserve! Did you have trouble with blogger today? I did.

  2. And a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Laura. I’ve already been to the Food Lion this morning for some things. Heck, all I am required to take to my mom’s house is the tea and I was out of sweetner…such a prepared person I am. But, I laughed as I pulled into the parking lot at 8:15 and saw probably 30+ cars. Enjoy the yummy sounding casserole and time with family and friends!

  3. Well, it got too late for the cheesecake. Decided to leave that for another day.

    The pumkin-praline pie was a flop – I burned the crust as usual – my brother called it a pumpkin-praline CRISP! Tasted okay, but not worth the trouble.

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