One of those days

I’m in the middle of one of *those* days. I left work early because I wasn’t feeling well. As I pulled into the driveway the radiator on my car self-destructed, spilling antifreeze all over the place. I’m glad it waited until I got home to decide that it needed to give up the ghost! I couldn’t reach my DH for a while, but finally got him on the phone and he went in search of a new radiator at 5 o’clock. So, here I am trying to figure out how I’ll manage to pick up Cricket and Boomer from the vet later with no car. (Cricket had her surgery this morning to remove the thing growing on her lip.) And I still don’t feel good. And there’s laundry to do. And prep work for my final exam review tomorrow night. Can you hear the tiny violin in the background?

Apropos of nothing there’s this photo of wooden grain shovels that I took at the gristmill at Walnford a few weeks ago. The sunlight was streaming through the windows onto the old equipment on display and I thought it was very pretty. I forgot to use the fill-flash so my original pic was underexposed and didn’t show any details. I played around a bit with the highlights and shadows in Photoshop to bring out some of the grain in the wood. I really had no clue what I was doing, but thought the pic looked better afterwards.

17 thoughts on “One of those days”

  1. Must be the blog flu or something, I don’t feel well today either. I kind of dragged around at work. I’m sorry about your car. I can’t stand to have car issues. I hope you found a way to pick up your bunnies.
    I hope you feel better!

  2. We need to have these days to appreciate good ones. We all have them. Nothing worse than a car problem…I hope you get your bunnies! Tomorrow is a new day.

  3. You poor thing. At least you made it home. Were you able to get Cricket and Boomer?

    Sounds like you need some cuddle time with the critters. That always makes the world a better place.

  4. Poor Laura.
    Thank goodness the radiator waited. Imagine if it had blown on the highway.
    Dr. Susan’s orders:
    Hot soup. A good mechanic. DH giving a long foot rub. And as much bunny-snuggling as they will allow.

  5. Bunnies are home. New radiator is in. Hubby’s not too pissed that he didn’t get to sit down and have his dinner until 10 pm. Life is good. The laundry is another story.


  6. Blog flu??? perhaps 🙂
    Sorry you aren’t feeling well – hope you are better today

    Whatever you did to the photo of the wooden grain shovels – it looks wonderful!

  7. Laura – hope you feel better soon. Forget the laundry – throw it all out and get new 🙂

    Just a reminder – make sure there’s no antifreeze from the radiator lurking about where cats or bunnies might taste. It’s sweet to them but deadly poison.

  8. I see from your replies that you are all better. So glad. This is just a tough time of year all the way around – hang on – the days will be getting longer on Dec. 22 and Spring will be on its way :0) Wonderful window picture. Interesting how we’re drawn to beauty and how we find it in unanticipated places.

  9. Dave: The laundry always seems to be waiting around here! That and the dishes.

    I am now officially sick. With a cold or a sinus infection or something. Total snot-head.

    Oh and Patrick that one shovel looks sort of strange, yes, but I think it’s propped up on a stand.

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