12/7/06 Mid-week bunny fix

Cricket’s happy to be home, but not so happy about having her picture taken or medicine shoved in her sore mouth twice a day. I can see that the right side of her mouth is a little swollen. She’s on antibiotics and pain meds for a few days and I need to be sure that the discomfort doesn’t keep her from eating.

Yesterday she had a growth removed from her lip; the doc couldn’t be sure what it was so he sent the tissue off for testing and we can expect a histopathology report in about a week. He thinks it might be that a scent gland in that area became inflamed.

This is the third time that Cricket’s had odd growths removed. The first was within a month or so of when I got her from rescue and the vet found that her mammary glands were swollen and severely infected. It took two months after surgery with daily antibiotic injections to get rid of that infection. I’m sure that it was a result of the slaughterhouse that she was rescued from. The second time was an odd little growth on the bottom of her foot that made her limp around. No surgery was required for that, just my vet rooting around in her foot enough to get a tissue sample. That turned out to be nothing. I’m hopeful that this time will also turn out to be nothing.

In the meantime I’ll worry and fuss over her. As will Boomer. Lynne at Hasty Brook did a post a while back about the difficulties with medicating her bunny. I had given her some suggestions about how to do it more easily – none of which are working with Cricket! I have to actually sit on her and force the syringe into her mouth. I just hate it and apologize to her the whole time. But I think it’s better than giving her shots like I did two years ago. Wish us well.

14 thoughts on “12/7/06 Mid-week bunny fix”

  1. Poooor bunny! (and you too Laura!)
    She might not be happy in the picture but she sure is beautiful. Good luck with the medicine. The only success I had was when Art held Buddy and I slowly squirted it into his mouth. One time I squirted too fast and Buddy made a terrible choking sound- scared me to death!

  2. I sympathize with you. It’s never easy medicating a pet and I always apologize, too 🙂 I hope Cricket gets better every day. She’s so sweet – I love your bunny photos.

  3. I hope Cricket feels better soon. Animals are pretty good at sensing someone’s character and intentions. Since you love on her 99.9 percent of the time, I’m sure she knows you’re just trying to help.

  4. Poor Cricket! She looks like she’s TRYING to be disapproving but can’t manage it.

    Good luck with the medicine! My old Lab Rosie was one who refused to take medicine and when she was hit by a car (long story) and had to have a plate put in to hold her hip together, she needed a LOT of medicine. It wasn’t fun for anyone. Sigh. Good times.

  5. You are dear and I know what you’re going through These fur-kids sure get into our hearts. Little Cricket is one lucky bunny. Sending happy healing thoughts.

  6. What a beautiful bunny. You are so dear to take such good care of her, although I imagine she takes good care of you as well.

    Like Cathy, I’m sending healing thoughts your way.


  7. Thanks, Lynne. Holding her is really out of the question; sitting on her works – except when she tries to bite my thighs!

    Susan: It gets a little easier each time and only two more days!

    that other Susan (grin): Thanks – she ran away from me this morning when I had to leave for work – already late and I spent 10 minutes fishing her out from behind the couch! ;-(

    Bunnygirl: lol – I keep telling her that.

    Silverlight: Thanks – she’s feeling a bit better today and eating pretty good!

    samtzmmom: I give her a little treat afterwards so that helps.

    Mary: The dog is a hundred times worse with meds – but that’s my husband’s job!

    Laura: I hope so – hate to see here scared of me.

    Liza: They do make it extra hard, don’t they? That ust have been hard for you all. ;-(

    Naturewoman: Thanks – yes she’s loved good!

    FionaBun: Hi! I get such a kick out of you all calling her little!

    Thanks for the healing vibes, Cathy and Laurie! We do take good care of one another – I love her to bits!

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