In the thick of it

Emerging briefly from my sinus-infection-induced-stupor to mention that you might want to reconsider purchasing a pre-lit Xmas tree because someday you may have to re-string all those lights. My poor dear patient husband has been at it all day. Innocently I asked what we could do to prevent his having to ever do this again. He said he’d take it outside and light it on fire and dance around it before he’d do it again. Well!

Back to the couch and my blankie and a full box of tissues. The house is beginning to look glittery. Everything is sort of glittery; I guess because my one eye won’t stop running. Why is it that when I get a cold it’s all on one side of my head?

16 thoughts on “In the thick of it”

  1. Laura, I sure hope you feel better soon! It’s hard to give up decorating your tree to sickness. Bravo for DH! Mine would never have the patience for it… Take care.

  2. Thanks Mary. We’ve not started *decorating* it yet – DH had to cut off all the old lights that had burned out and re-string it with new sets of lights. He looks like he’s having lots of fun based on my view here from the couch.

  3. A prelighted tree is like magic. Cuts out half the hassle. Sorry you have a cold. There are some good remedies out there. Ask a pharmacist. They are a real help.
    I’ve been fight an inner ear thing.

  4. I hope you feel better soon Laura. I am fighting the same thing and mine’s all on the right side. At least it leaves one side to be able to breathe. Your tree looks beautiful!

  5. Awww, Laura – I’m sorry you’re sick.

    What a sweet photo of your beleaguered husband trying to ‘right’ the lights. We haven’t drug our tree up from the basement yet. ‘Sigh’ – hopefully the lights will still be attached. If not I may take your husband’s suggestion for a bonfire :0)
    Hope you’re soon feeling better.

  6. Sorry about the sinus infection and the lights. I applaud you for not just throwing it away when it burnt out which is no doubt what the manufacturer was hoping you’d do. I hope you feel better! Our house still isn’t looking glittery but will by the weekend!

  7. I got hit with a fantastic cold this weekend as well. While in bed my husband and young son went and got a tree, then he was able to try out one of his engineering ideas of setting it up (“there must be a better way”) and he HUNG IT FROM THE CEILING. Sigh.

    Hope you feel better in time to enjoy the spirit of the holidays.

    Wayne, PA

  8. Thanks, all. Lots of chicken soup and tea and I’ll be feeling better.

    Heather: Just wait unitl I post pics of our tree – your husband’s engineering won’t seem quite so strange.

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