Take my picture, please?

Last weekend while I was driving around looking at *fancy* ducks at some of the coastal ponds in the area I was approached by this pretty lady(?) and her companion. I was trying to take some pics of a pair of canvasbacks from my car. All of the ducks were in the middle of the pond – too far away even for the long lens – but these two saw me stopped at the roadside and swam over, got out of the water, and climbed up the bank and stood beside the car eyeballing me. I felt bad for not appreciating their more common beauty, so I switched lenses and took a few photos while they posed so nicely. Why can’t the canvasbacks and hoodies be this cooperative?

I’m kidding, of course. This duck wasn’t interested in having her picture taken – she was looking for a handout. I didn’t have a single thing to offer her, not that I would have anyway. There’s a reason the ponds are posted with “no feeding the waterfowl” signs.

All of the ponds the ducks frequent (both migratory and domestic) are in residential areas, surrounded by homes. Most are passive-use municipal parks and often attract large numbers of Canada Geese and Mute Swans. People using the parks like to feed them and that attracts more of the beggars and probably drives away the migrant waterfowl. It also dirties the water, and in the case of Wreck Pond, which is tidal, creates a significant environmental problem.

Better just to tell her how pretty she is and go on my way.

15 thoughts on “Take my picture, please?”

  1. What a coy look on her face! The ducks and swans in our parks also swim over as soon as they see a person standing on the bank. Unfortunately, they are rewarded too often by people who ignore the signs saying not to feed the birds.

  2. It does look like she was posing for you! She’s so purty! The same thing happens to me when there’s ducks and swans around (well, for the most part) – they come over to me looking for a handout.

  3. Ruth: The are pretty hard to resist, don’t you think?

    Michelle: You and Diva Kitty – what is it about the feet?

    Naturewoman: Be careful of those swans!

    Susan: Maybe just suggest they save it for making pudding instead?

    Mary: lol!

    Pam: With that look on her face, how can you not be?

    Bunnygirl: Maybe – they did hang around long after they realised I didn’t have any food for them.

    Sarala: She is purdy!

    Diva Kitty: What about bunny feets?

  4. That duck doesn’t look a tad common to me. Cute as pie. Kinda like the poor toddler hanging on the stroller as some stranger gushes over the baby inside.

  5. Lynne: I don’t know – they must have eyelashes!

    Maggie: Yes! I did sort of feel like that person to ignore how pretty she was!

    Cathy: Buddy is doing okay. He would like a little snow to play in. 😉

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