Turn and look again

The colors of the fading sun made me take a fresh and attentive look at this scene transformed by ice and shadow and I saw something quite beautiful then. Like many, it’s difficult for me to admire the things I see everyday because there is so little novelty, but without admiration for the common there can be no attentiveness to its beauty.

My focus this day were the Hooded Megansers that were concentrated in the bit of open water around the dock and pilings on the river. Cursing the fading light just as the ducks became accustomed to my presence there, I packed up my things and began the walk back up the hill to my car. I turned and looked again and saw the colors of the setting sun and the rest of the scene with a new perspective; rather than an impediment to my view of the birds, the sun and ice had made the everyday into something sort of wondrous. Just a short time earlier in different light it was the same old view and nothing that would cause me to even notice it. I learned that it’s wise to turn around and look again, and renew my enjoyment of things with fresh attention and open eyes.

16 thoughts on “Turn and look again”

  1. That second photo is beautiful. You are right, beng impatient can cause us to lose sight of something so special. Great post, Laura. Your writing always impresses me.

  2. Beautiful photos, as always. And yes, it’s easy to get so caught up in what we want or expect to see that we miss the beauty of the other things that are there! Great reminder!

  3. Laura, What a beautiful experience. I think I could make one comment that singularly expresses my take on life literally and metaphorically: It’s all about the light.

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