Cricket’s garden

I spent the day with the spade in my hands and dirt on my knees and planted a garden of spring flowers around the place we buried Cricket. I planted another section of my little woodland garden with her in my thoughts.

Just a week ago the mountain laurels were delivered and today there was finally the time to plant them. I added some snowdrop anemones, fringed bleeding hearts, lady’s fern, lilies of the valley, and even some Virginia bluebells that were marked down because they’re past bloom now. All of this in the place where she lies with the dogwoods flowering overhead and the scent of lilacs on the breeze. I think I’ve made a sweet place for her.

24 thoughts on “Cricket’s garden”

  1. You have made a very sweet place for her Laura. You also gave her a safe and loving home. We’re all thinking of you at our house.

  2. I’m sorry for the loss of your bunny. I lost my cat last week. I am planning to bury her ashes and plant flowers and such around her as you have done for your bunny. My thoughts are with you.

    Another Laura

  3. It may seem like an odd comfort, but I really do take personal comfort in the fact that matter cannot be destroyed–it can be converted into energy, but is never lost. I think of this as a way that animals achieve immortality. They die and are born in new animals. Of this, I am personally convinced–and sometimes I go looking for past loved animals in the new animals coming into my life.

  4. You made a byootiful garden for Cricket. We’s cats who heard from DKM, but we’s furry sorry for your loss.
    Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, Gree and Pepi

  5. Laura, you gave her a wonderful place to rest. I’ve lost many over the years and I offer this to you (you’ve probably read it already):

    “…Grieve not,

    nor speak of me with tears,

    but laugh and talk of me

    as if I were beside you…

    I loved you so

    ’twas Heaven here with you.”

    Isla Paschal Richardson

  6. How lovely! She’ll be the leaves and flowers now, and the life-giving oxygen returned to the air for other sweet bunnies to breathe.

    No love is ever wasted.

    I hope Boomer is hanging in there okay. Rub his ears for me.

  7. What a wonderful tribute for a sweet bunny girl. Cricket was a special bunny and will be missed by many. Please take care of yourself.

  8. It’s a lovely, lovely spot for her to rest, Laura. And, it will give you great peace when you think of her there.

    And, Mary, your poem made me totally tear up. Sniffle.

    So, tears were shed in California for sweet Cricket, too.

  9. the garden is the perfect place for her – i buried my mini rex clyde in his garden. i held him close till the very end, it was horrible and reading your blog (saw on dkms site) i felt for you – i tried to bring his girl bun riena close but he knew he was so bad he didn’t want to be near her. letting him go in my arms and burying him in the garden was a loving thing. it has helped my heart. i hope doing that for cricket will help yours.
    carri ann
    aka archi’s mum

  10. Digging in my garden helps heal emotional pain — I hope that the making of Cricket’s garden brings you peace. It looks lovely.

    Wayne, PA

  11. You’ve created a lovely little place for Cricket. I was so sorry to read about the events of the past few days. I’m just catching up on some reading after our own very stressful week. We almost lost Sabrina – she spent all week in the animal hospital and we just brought her home this afternoon. How hard it is to lose our special friends.

  12. Laura, I just had a few moments and stopped by – and was so saddened to see the loss of Cricket. You have given her a beautiful life, and a beautiful resting place. You are in my thoughts today.

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