Bashful bunny

Yes, she’s here, but not ready for a photo shoot just yet! Boomer is curious and has taken to lying beside her cage and stealing strands of hay from her pile. We’re taking things very slowly so there’s no troubles, but it looks promising. She’s here as a *foster* until we’re sure that the two of them can be friends. She has ear mites, which take about 6 weeks to clear up, so until then she and Boomer will only be meeting through the bars of her cage. Her face is so young-looking – she’s just six months old – and she’s small compared to what I’m used to in a Flemish Giant, but I never had one so young. She’s frightened – who could blame her – but with enough time and gentleness she’ll be bossing me around like the rest of the long-eared gang. More pictures when she’s feeling less shy!

14 thoughts on “Bashful bunny”

  1. Oh so shy–hiding her face. Acclimating is difficult even for the bravest of us.
    Tell her I said “welcome.”
    My neighbor’s bunny (a dwarf carmel colored one) is now outside. He had a mate who just died–my neighbor said from having baby bunnies too soon after a prior litter. No comment. Anyway, he is now outside and alone. Seems very sad–so I talk to him.

  2. Glad to see that you considered another companion for Boomer. My Silver Marten doe Smitten lost her companion Simon last September to E. Cuniculi. I thought she might accept one of my other rabbits as a companion but she did not. She chose Sawyer a dwarf mix male four months later. She is very happy with him.

    It is difficult to lose a rabbit friend. I’ve lost a few in last twenty or so years. Simon was one of the special ones. He graced me with his presence for 11 months. I still miss him as I miss all my past rabbit friends. Good luck with your new bun.

  3. How sweet! It’s an exciting time to have a new baby in the house, isn’t it?

    I think Boomer will love her. She just needs time to get over the heebeejeebees.

  4. Awww… You know, she’s just being coy until she is sure that she has ultimate control of the household, and before you know it she will be running the joint.
    Love her!

    What a kind-hearted soul you are, Laura. Bunny-lover.

  5. She’s just lovely Laura! Before long you’ll be stroking those big ears and she won’t be hiding her nose! She looks redder than Boomer. A very pretty girl.

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