Blame it on Blogger

Blogger won’t let me upload pics tonight. I guess it’s feeling cranky, too. I wanted to share my pretty peonies with you.

If you haven’t already, stop by Mary’s for some fun.

5 thoughts on “Blame it on Blogger”

  1. Laura, I’d never be able to upload so many photos as I do with Blogger. Have you thought about using Flickr? Lynne? I can’t believe the ease and speed… Since using Flickr, there was only one evening where I could not upload (out of 4 months).

    I feel your pain…

    Thanks for the link…

  2. Mary, you just might be able to get a few more people into flickr!! Then again I started as a flickr person and then moved over to the blog world! I know both mary and myself would be willing to help if you had any questions about flickr! BTW: Love what Mary did over on her blog with your computer shot!

  3. Couldn’t you just describe the Peonies? In all seriousness-I’ve had trouble with uploading photos at times too.-Sometimes it was a matter of downsizing the size of the pic, but not always.

  4. Laura–I always compress my photos first. And since I have been doing that, have not had problems.
    Which is not to say Blogger isn’t cranky.
    Sometimes I wonder if Blogger isn’t a cranky underpaid . . .person (best not do more description for fear of offending).

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