Clock flower

Legend has it that counting the number of breaths it takes to blow off all the seeds of a dandelion globe that has gone to seed will tell you the hour. Mentioned just in case you needed some way to amuse yourself this weekend. Have fun!

8 thoughts on “Clock flower”

  1. That’s lovely! I’ll give it a try. Problem is everyone is so intent on ridding our lawns of dandelions that I’ll have to go on a drive to find any for this little experiment.

    Have a nice weekend, Laura.

  2. HA! I’ve never heard of that. If I can find a dandelion, I’ll remember you and try it! I think they’re pretty much evaporated down here, Laura.

    Very nice photo and post. I hope you enjoy your weekend and find amuzement.

    How’s little Sunshine and Boomer doing?

  3. Wow, did that dredge up some memories from the depths of my brain. Thanks, Laura. I had totally forgotten about blowing the clock. 🙂

    Now to find some buttercups to find out if the kids like butter! 🙂

  4. Cathy: We don’t have very many dandelions in our lawn because I often pick the flowers for the bunnies – they love ’em!

    This is a banner year for white clover, which has my DH in fits.

    Mary: Sorry you’ve no dandelions to brighten your lawn.

    Sunshine and Boomer are doing okay. We’ve backed up a few steps in the *bonding* process since a fight last weekend, but they’re still getting to be friends and keeping company together with me to supervise them.

    Thanks for asking!

    Susan: Those young’uns must have healthy lungs!

    Dave: Make some wine or jelly!

    Z: Yes, but the folklore is more fun.

    Pam: Me neither.

    Liza: Really? You know that bit of legend? I’d never heard of it. The buttercups one I do know, though.

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