6/6/07 Mid-week bunny fix

Sunshine (on top) and Boomer (down below) are still figuring out how to be friends. They started off really strongly, but then had a bit of a setback that made me separate them for a week or so. They’re just now getting back to spending the evenings together when I can supervise them. Sunshine goes back to her (Great Dane-sized) dog crate while I’m at work and overnight.

For some reason they had a fight one night and I woke up to find them chasing one another and fur flying everywhere. Boomer lost the most fur in that tussle and was scared of Sunshine for a few days. When he got over being afraid of her, all he wanted to do was mount her! I honestly didn’t think Boomer had it in him, as I never saw him act that way with Cricket. He seems recently to have gotten over his friskiness (ahem!) and is content to lie beside her and groom her ears. From what I’ve read, this is pretty typical behavior with bunnies who are bonding, as they have to work out who will be the boss and other important living arrangements like who will wash whose ears and who gets to eat the choicest bits of cilantro.

11 thoughts on “6/6/07 Mid-week bunny fix”

  1. I was really craving a buny fix! Most relationships have tussles but I’ll bet that was a little scary. Glad they seem to be working out their living arrangements.

  2. Much like the “alpha” decision in dogland. They are working things out with help from you and that’s good because you obviously understand. I think Sunshine and Boomer will be happy roommates. Keep those mid-week bunny fixes coming. I always look forward to them.

  3. Bunnies fighting? Fur flying–literally? Who knew? And to think it can be settled with some ear grooming. Hmmmm–lesson for us bellicose humans?

  4. Whew–I was really missing my bunny-fix! Thanks!

    You know, Kat and Em want to adopt a little “friend” for Niblet, but I’m just so hesitant. He’s very happy being the sole object of our bunny affections, and I worry that another bunny might hurt him in the bonding process. He’s just so small! I’m secretly hoping that I can just put them off indefinitely and Niblet can just keep grooming the couch pillows!

  5. I’m curious about rabbit fighting – do they try to bite one another or do they use their feet? I don’t think I’ve ever encountered rabbit fights. Friskiness (ahem!) yes, but not fights. Hope they work things out…

  6. Lynne: It was scary!
    And really a surprise because they had been getting along so sweetly.

    Bunnygirl: Thanks, me too.

    Mary: Will dogs actually fight or is it mostly for show?

    Susan: I think the females are usually in charge and bossy! I think the problem here may be that Sunshine is so young and doesn’t really know how to behave with Boomer yet.

    KGMom: It can be that easy for them to make up so long as the fight isn’t to bad and no one has hard feelings about it. Bunnies hold grudges, I think.

    Delia: They say that you should let the bunny choose their mate; not sure how that would really be possible. So long as Niblet gets plenty of attention and isn’t lonely, I wouldn’t worry over it.

    Jimmy: I can just imagine.

    Laura: Depends – if it’s just a sort of tussle they pull fur from each others hindquarters. If it gets serious they will bite.

    Cricket and Missy got into a fight once and Missy had Cricket by the neck and wouldn’t let go! Very bad.

    I’ve read that they’ll box one another and kick, but I’ve never seen that – thank heavens!

    Cathy: One of these days when I figure out how to do it, I’ll make a little video of Peeper grunting and boxing and lunging at me so you can see how ornery a bunny can be!

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