Another sundew

I know that I had promised wildflower pics, but these other Pine Barrens oddities have me enamored. I’ll save the pretty bog orchids for another day.

I shared a pic of a Thread-leaved Sundew a few weeks ago; today I have this Spatulate-leaved Sundew. Isn’t it pretty for a bug-eating plant? Please click on the pic for an enlarged view! These plants are thought to lure insect prey by their attractive red coloring and the beads of sticky liquid secreted on the leaf tips.

13 thoughts on “Another sundew”

  1. I don’t know about these plants, Laura, but I can see the “sticky” that would attract bugs and hold them. Your camera is wonderful with you behind it. Wow.

  2. That’s pretty in any/every way–bug-eating plant or not.
    I was raised in upstate NY–saw such unusual growies in bogs–remember it well. It always seemed like such an exotic adventure!!

  3. I like sundews too. They’re such tiny and intricate little plants. I enjoyed reading about the odonates on Monday’s post. You should have quite a nice assortment of species in your area.

  4. I think I’m going to have to check out nature walk opportunities in the Pine Barrens. I clicked on your photo to enlarge it….it’s something from outer space. Beautiful photo!

  5. Mary: That’s my new macro lens for ya!

    Nina: I’ve only visited a few bogs in upstate NY – I agree – some neat plants!

    Bev: Do you see these where you are?

    Lynne: Aren’t they?

    KGMom: I’d imagine it goes something like that!

    Jayne: Effective eater! lol!

    Ruth: They are verrrry tiny and only grow in certain habitats.

    Patrick: I looked for the round leaved to compare these with, but couldn’t find any?

    Dorothy: It does look other-worldly! There are a few groups that lead walks there.

    Pam and Sandy: Thanks!

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