Boats at sunset

Fireworks were tonight, but we didn’t have our usual invite to the ritzy house on the river to see them. Darn! Instead my husband and I drove into town and planted ourselves on lawn chairs in the middle of the police department parking lot! The view was nice enough, but the atmosphere just wasn’t the same, as you can imagine.

I love seeing fireworks over the water. One of these days I’ll get out in a boat and see them on the river that way. In our town growing up, the display was set in a dirt field; I can remember crying through it every year because I hated the noise so much. I must have spoiled it for everyone within earshot.

I’m looking forward to the day off tomorrow and have nothing planned!

10 thoughts on “Boats at sunset”

  1. I like that picture. Our fireworks will be late tomorrow night because it doesn’t get dark enough until about midnight. BBQ with the neighbors. Have a Happy & Safe 4th!

  2. With the 4th smack in the middle of the week, many people get this day and no others. Probably better that way–few plans, maybe fewer injuries from too much drinking, too much partying.
    Have a happy relaxing day!

  3. Laura,

    You had a great view! I’ve seen fabulous firework displays before but never had the camera. There will always be next year :o) I think the nicest ones are the ones we can see from our house – in Maryland and here in NC. They’re not Disney World material, but it’s nice to be home.

    I hope you are enjoying your day. The only thing I had planned was to shop with Gina for a few hours. Michael started digging holes for their fence. Now we’re home and getting ready for another workday. Ughh.

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