Red, white and BLUE

My husband and I walked into the Honda dealership today, signed a few papers and came home with a shiny new CR-V. It seems kind of odd that it should be so easy to spend twenty grand. In reality, it wasn’t that easy as I’ve been fussing over it for months – spending that much money makes me very nervous!

I decided on a lease and am trying to figure out if I got a good deal or not. My monthly payments will be the same on this car as on the Civic that I financed 8 years ago. I put more than half down on that car, but this one cost a few thousand more, so I can’t quite get how the payments are the same. I know I didn’t get enough for the trade in of my Civic, but I haggled as much as I could stand to.

Anyway, I like it! I had planned on getting it in a nice sagey green, but the blue was all that was available on the lot. Most importantly, my husband fits comfortably inside and I won’t have to watch him folding himself up into the front seat like he had to do with the Civic.

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  1. Nice vehicle! My husband has trouble fitting into smaller models too. I leased a couple of cars, and then went back to purchasing them. Lease payments are lower, but in the end you don’t own vehicle. That is fine if you plan to get a new car every 3-4 years.

  2. Susan: I think it may just! It seems huge compared to my little Civic.

    Ruth: The thought of a new car every few years is kind of appealing, although I don’t really want to have payments forever!

    Monarch: Thanks!

    Jean: Yea – thanks!

  3. We have a blue CRV–older, though, and we LOVE it! The ease for height also attracted us, and it has done well.
    May you travel safely and wonderfully wherever you go!

  4. I laughed about your husband “folding himself up”! I’ve had the same situation before.

    Hondas are great. I hope you enjoy it!

  5. Congratulations! I drive an old 88 civic to work. It gets 45 miles to the gallon. I’m afraid to trade it in for a newer model that will most likely get far less miles to the gallon.

  6. very nice — I like the color. I always worry myself after a car purchase about 1. if I got a good deal, 2.) did I get a fair deal on the trade in (never) 3.) how could I commit to spending such sums of money? I eventually get over it.

    I have tagged you, dear Laura, so if you want to play, ck by blog and try to keep kind thoughts about me!

  7. Woo hooo–a new car. That’s good for a good feeling for quite a while. It is fun to get a new car. I will be interested to see how you like it over time–gas mileage, handling, etc. I have a Mazda Protege right now, and am trying to decide if when I need a new one do I get something like a CRV.

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